Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A night without Mommy

My wife had to go out of town for a seminar recently and I had the kids for two days and one night by myself. Not a huge deal but without Mommy it was bigger than one would think. The addition to that is the Boy got sick over missed school one of the days and we had to go to the doctor and the pharmacy. Well I iwll recap the fun night I had after I put the Boy to bed with the Girl to follow shortly. Fortunately for me the Girl decided to take a little cat nap while I put the Boy to bed, so we went up read a story, brushed teeth, sung songs and went to bed. Ten minutes later his pillow was wet, I went up and checked it out and it was not very wet so I just flipped it over. About a half hour after that after I got the Girl to bed he woke up calling for me as he didn't want me to leave. I assured him I was staying and suggesated he go to sleep and get some rest so he feels better. Then during one of my favorite TV shows the Girl wakes up so I run up and give her her pacifier and she goes right back to sleep. Then with 10 minutes left in my show my son wakes up and wants to know who is going to play with him, I convience him once again to go back to sleep. Ah quiet for a while now. About 12:30 am the Boy wakes up again missing two of his buddies (stuffed animals), we find them and he goes back to sleep, then about a half and hour later he wakes up again crying about what I am not sure as I am pretty tired at this point. Then about 45 minutes later he is up again wanting it to be morning time, again I convince him to go back to sleep. About a half hour after that he wakes again, details to me are sketchy at this point as the amount of sleep I have gotten is very little and very interrupted. I believe he woke up one more time, at least I remember getting up and looking at my clock again as it was now a little after 3:00 am but that is all I can recall. Then 4:30 am the Girl wakes up hungry so I prepare a bottle feed her and she goes back to sleep, then five minutes later the Boy wakes again uncovered. Back to bed, it is now 5:20 the girl wakes again crying, I try to give her the pacifier but it is not working so I let her cry it out as I know I should but it is hard. She falls back asleep and then about 5:50 am my son wakes up wanting to know who is going to play with him again. I get him back to sleep and change my alarm clock from 6:10 to 6:45 figuring the Girl had milk so I am good, well my alarm goes off at 6:45 am, I am not happy about this as everyone is finally asleep and I have to get up, get ready and get the Boy up so he can be ready in time to go to school. I thought once when he was born and when we first brought him home from the hosiptal that sleep was overrated when neither my wife and I didn't sleep for about 48 hours as we were having a hard time getting him to eat. I don't think I everr recovered except knowing that for when the kids are in need, sleep is overrated.

On another note, the Boy went from being a boy to being "MY" boy as he tried his first chicken wing today. I was very excited. He has started to enter his first steps towards being a man. Now I just have to find out what his favorite sauce is.

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