Monday, February 16, 2009

Crawling and Chloroform

First we will talk about the crawling, The Girl has become quite the crawler, she has started to crawl on her hand and knees. She is also getting really good at pulling herself on whatever she can find. I guess this means she will soon be walking and that only means one thing - SHOES! If she is like her Mommy she will have a love for shoes but hopefully she won't be in the shoe of the month club. In addition she also has her bottom teeth starting to come in which seem to bother her more than the top teeth coming in.

Now the part that got your attention, chloroform. We were all going to do some shopping together and The Boy asked, "How do leaves change color?" Since I had the important job of driving the car I said, "I don't know so we will let Mommy answer." So Mommy started to say, "There is less sun. Trees have chloroform... no, they have chlorophyll which helps them turn green...." The rest really isn't important but it was very funny, so much so that if I answered the question myself my driving probably would have been much safer from all the laughter. Although I will say my wife is pretty is smart as if you want a simple answer to his question I have linked a page for you:

And for those wondering about the kitchen progress. Well after painting it once and not liking it we went the paint sample route. After paint colors 6 and 7 we have narrowed it down to two. We have our tile backsplash pieces so it should start to come together. Now if we could only find a few extra hours in the day to get it all done.

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