Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ready for the NHL

The Boy started ice skating lessons recently. He has started his long journey to be the next great player in the NHL. The first lesson went OK as it was his first time on ice skates on the ice. He is really excited about playing hockey but realizes he must first learn to skate. The lessons are six weeks, so hopefully by then he will gain some comfort on the ice and begin to learn to balance and skate a bit.

The Girl is getting quicker and starting to pull herself up on all types of furniture. Plus she is in the process of trying to drive me out of my mind with the razor sharp finger nails. She is also still fighting any types of food beyond fruit. I know this is normal but her brother when small ate just about anything we gave him and to this day sometimes will say, "If I finish my dinner can I have some carrots?" So I guess one out of two isn't bad.

The kitchen is coming along, the cabinets are done, so the tile backsplash, floor and electrical outlets switches are all that is left beyond accessories and a new table. Hopefully with any luck or cooperation from the children the glass tile backsplash will be done this weekend.

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