Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Best Stories

My son tells the best stories. I should really record them and sell them a audio books. I would transcribe them but there are things that I don't even understand. Granted half of the time the story has no real point or even makes a lot of sense, but they are all great. He just starts talking or telling me about something and the twists and turns of his imagination are incredible. Just when I think I have a slight idea of what he is talking about the story takes a turn to a whole different subject but in the end it always come back to the what he first was talking about. Maybe he does this to toy with me as when he starts telling me a story I am a very good listener, mostly because I am trying to figure it out, but I think he gets a kick of my serious concentration on what he is saying. Today I heard a story about the seeds inside a pickle and how you have to "wooash" (best way I could type out the sound) them and then the seeds in the watermelon have to be "wooashed" to the strawberry and that is the seeds in pickles. If you know what that means please let me know.

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