Friday, January 18, 2008

3 going on 13

My son is in preschool, enjoys every minute of it, but when it comes to asking him how school was today I get the simple response, "Don't talk about it." I guess he has some teenager habits already. Questions are just not allowed about what he did in school that day, the school sends home a weekly newsletter so we as parents know what is happening so I ask leading questions but to no avail. "No!" is the most received response when I ask anything about school, although if one of his stuffed animals asks he is all about talking about it or if he wants to stall before bedtime you can't shut him up. I have thought about putting a spy cam on him so I can see what he does during school because the stuff on the newsletter sounds like a lot of fun, some days I wish I could go. Well maybe someday he will tell me about his school days until then maybe I need to start giving him chores.

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