Tuesday, January 15, 2008


My son likes to invent games. They are very simple games of which I seem to always break the rules. Today we played "Sliders" as it became to be called which is simply draping a blanket down the front of the coach and pushing coins or similar objects down them and I don't know if I did it right once. I believe the objective was to slide them down to the bottom of the blanket but I am not sure so I emailed Mattel and Parker Bros. for some rules on this. Then another newly invented game happened with the same coins and same blanket in a slightly different position. To my knowledge there is no title to this game yet but it has one exciting feature the other didn't, when you play correctly you get a crowd like noise saying "Yeah!" while hands are raised in triumph. The blanket was laid on the couch cushions and bunched up at one end and you sort of flicked/slid the coin towards the bunched up end. I managed to play this game correctly a few times and get the crowd noise. It was all very exciting and I think I may be ready for the pro tour.

I certainly enjoy watching his little mind at work as he invents new things all the time, and it makes me laugh with all his toys that we end up playing with a checkered flag (a little over $5), $0.55 in coins and a blanket (quilt) that was a gift to him.

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