Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Is it too early for Santa?

My son this past Christmas really started to understand the concept of Santa. You ask him for something and if you are good he may bring it to you, and he got a few things he asked Santa to bring him. Well today he wanted to ask Santa for something, this doesn't surprise me but I found it very amusing. I told him we would have to wait for Santa to ask him, but that wasn't good enough for him. We now have a post note entitled "List for Santa" and we had to write down what he wanted, and not only did we have to write it down we also had to put a box around it. I can only assume that this means it is important, although he gave the specifics of the store and the location in the store of where it is at. Santa may have one big list to read by the time Christmas rolls around this December at this rate. The item he wanted was what surprised me the most, Arry and Bert (a.k.a. Iron'arry and Iron Bert) of Thomas and Friends. He loves his trains but why them I really didn't know since they are smelly diesels that don't like the steamies and this came out of the blue as there are many others he doesn't have. Now if I can only get him to understand he has to be good and that Santa always knows.

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