Monday, January 14, 2008

The Meal Saga Continues...

I thought today we made good strides at mealtimes. Lunch he ate the sandwich and a couple of bowls of applesauce not complaining once. It was getting close to dinner time and I let him play while I was going to make his dinner and asked him, "What do you want for dinner?" Then I listed some choices, some he likes to eat when he does eat and the ones I was willing to make. I didn't get far into the choices when I mentioned a cheese sandwich (that is grilled cheese sandwich to most people over 3 years old), he says "I want cheese sandwich." I was stunned because it is usually a five minute process just to decide what to eat. Smiling, I head towards the kitchen ready to make that cheese sandwich when I hear this soft little voice, "I'm not going to eat it." From happiness to frustration in about 0.2 seconds, I turn and ask him if he is going to eat his cheese sandwich and he simply says, "No." So we go through the process to pick something out to eat all the while I am trying to hold my laughter in. It is hard to be frustrated too long when you get an unexpected response.

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