Friday, January 25, 2008

Pajama Day

Sometimes I wish I was in preschool. Today was Pajama Day, yes they wore their pajamas to school today. My son asked my wife if she was going to wear pajamas to work today, I guess if he gets to everyone should get to wear their pajamas. Today was by far the easiest of all days to get him ready for school as he loves to wear his pajamas. The only issue is if he would learn that when wearing pajamas means you must sleep through the night and for more than a half hour at nap time.

Today, he got his first ID card in a long line of ID cards in his life. He really doesn't understand it but I think it is pretty neat. I think he now needs a wallet with a window so he has something to show people when he is trying to get into the clubs. Naturally his came out better than any drivers license I have ever had.

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