Thursday, January 31, 2008

Make Daddy Worry Some More

We went to the doctor and for Daddy it was a rough visit. My son is now on an aerosol machine for the next couple of days everey 4 hours to clear up his lungs, along with some other medications to help with his ear infections and his lungs (which the doctor said he could have a touch of pneumonia in one of his lungs). He runs around the house like a crazy child with no cares in the world (as he should) and like he is hardly sick, but it is enough to take the energy right right out of you. One thing that was really fun was trying to explain and get my 3 year old to use the aerosol machine the first time. It was rough, he was scared and I don't blame him but it had to be done so he could start getting better. He had his second treatment before bed and it went a lot better. He kind of fell back a little this morning but before lunch it handled it like a champ and even said, "We do our medicine before bedtime to make me feel better." He is certainly a lot tougher than I think I would have been. I really am starting tto think maybe he was not as bad as it sounds because he has tons of energy and just wants to play. But that kind of visit is enough to make any parent worry.

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Mimi said...

How are things today? Is anyone getting any sleep. That's the worst part.