Friday, January 11, 2008

The Simple Things

The simple things in life are what seems to keep my son happy. He has toys and his stuffed animals but the most entertaining thing to him at times seems to be the newspaper. Maybe he wants to read it, I even saw him looking at it once on the floor and asked what he was doing and he responded, "I'm checking something." The ironic part was he wasn't just on any page he was on the stock listings, maybe he has some money stashed away and that is how he pays for his take-out delivery in the middle of the night. I have even thought about letting him blindly pick a few and entering his portfolio in the local newspaper contest, maybe even put a few dollars on it as I think he knows something. In the end he mostly likes to play with them covering me up, laying them on the ground pretending they are railroad tracks, or trying to make a tent.

Yesterday he was most excited when we went to craft store to get some stuff to make a checkered flag. He likes to race (consists of taking a lap around the house) but he wanted a flag so we could wave it at the finish line. So for a paltry $5.67 +tax, we made a checkered flag and I didn't even have to figure out how to sew (fabric glue is a wonderful thing). I don't know how long the flag will keep his interest but the fact that something so simple can make him so happy is a lot of fun. Now if I could only keep up... "On your mark!"... "Get Set!"... "GO!"

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