Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Voices in my Head

Being a Dad I have to play many roles and have many voices for each of the different characters, like Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Teddy Bear, Spot, etc. In addition I need to play many roles as a polar bear, tiger, monkey, etc. I know some of you think that it is not a far stretch for some of the roles. The fact is though I have many different voices or at least I try to have many for all the different characters and roles, or at least I think they are different but they probably all sound the same. My son loves them and asks for me to be them all the time, the problem comes in when I forget who is who and do the wrong voice. It is easily correctable but nothing like your three-year-old telling you that you are wrong. The more recent issue is I sometimes think I hear these voices talking to me, either through the character, like Buzz, or even sometimes in my head. My hope is that I don't start carrying conversations on with them in public. Although sometimes after playing a character for a while and I forget that I was playing and carry on with it for a bit afterwards. So when you hear "To Infinity and Beyond!" in the next aisle at the store and see no child with me, don't be alarmed I'm just staying in character for the next adventure.

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