Monday, January 3, 2011

Back to School

Finally back to school. The last week and half has been fun but long at times. We celebrated with family, saw them all again, played some hockey and went bowling a couple of times. Trying to entertain in cold weather is not easy with a 2 year old and a 6 year old. A bunch of new toys certainly do help but even then everyone gets a little stir crazy. The Boy got a Agent P alarm clock and is now using an alarm on school days, although this morning I think it scared him. It is cool though because like a rock or bomb that is armed you can unplug the wire from the side of the clock to disarm the alarm. The other reason for getting him a clock was so that he doesn't keep getting up at 6 am on the weekends. it is very frustrating when he gets up which wakes up the cat which wakes up the Girl which forces one of us out of the nice warm bed.

Back to school today after winter break was a little rough as we have to once again get back into our routine. This morning was not too bad except for deciding on breakfast, sometimes you would think that we are making him eat the sludge from the bottom of a deep fryer. The Girl has to get used to him being gone as well as she asked several times, "Where's the Boy?" I am sure she will adjust just fine to the undivided attention.

Today for lunch I was having some chicken noodle soup and had some left over canned carrots that I offered the girl for part of her lunch which she immediately refused with her classic hair tossing head shake. I decided to put them in the soup as soon as she was almost done eating and I was about to start eating my soup suddenly she wanted the carrots out of my soup. I think I will start making lunch for three so that I have a chance to eat my own food for once.

Finally, the Boy was published in the kids section of the local paper. He has yet to seen it but I am sure he will be very excited when he gets home especially since he was just complaining he hasn't been on TV yet.

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