Friday, January 21, 2011

The First Report Card

I wasn't sure if kindergarten passed out report cards or not. The boy had his in his bag and I was anxious, nervous and excited to see it all at the same time. In this one moment I get a glimpse of how school is going as usually when I ask him I get the "Fine." answer. I must say I was very pleased as he got mostly check marks and pluses. He had a couple of NWs (Needs Work) and for him that was pretty good because they were in the areas we have been working on. The Boy has no volume control yet, interrupts when he is supposed to be listening and has trouble with practicing self control. He gets very excited about things and just has one volume, we are working on it and sometimes he does well but he wants to be heard. The interrupting i think is more of a function as he says "I have a lot to say," and he likes to add to things or thinks he knows what is going on before the teacher is done talking. The self control thing is the most difficult as he gets excited and just keeps building on that. His favorite thing in school is art and it shows as he got all pluses for art (as well as music). In Phys Ed he got all pluses and one NW as following directions is his downfall, mostly as he gets too excited and wants to just get after it before reading or hearing instructions like any good male. A great comment that makes me happy is from his computer teacher is "Enthusiasm gets in his way." I will take that and run with it as I am happy to have him be enthusiastic about school as opposed to the opposite. Overall we are very pleased and maybe a little incentive will quiet him down, help him listen and practice a little more self control.

On another note, his school has movie night where you can drop the kids off and a snack and have a couple of hours to yourself while they watch a movie with their friends and have fun. A win-win in my mind. I mentioned to him about movie night and he complains to me this morning that it will then be passed his bedtime and he was upset about this. I had to laugh as lately he has been fighting bedtime so he has an opporunity to be up later and he is mad.

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