Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Want This!

"Want This!" is quickly becoming a very annoying phrase. The Girl insists on wanting everything, I realize she is 2 1/2 but it gets old after a while. Usually the hard part is when she wants something, I get it for her and then I get screamed at because she doesn't want it. Then the real annoying finger pointing at everything else happens. It then proceeds to me asking what she wants, naming things and being told no, and then just flat out screaming at Daddy. Usually after she cries and throws her tantrum she will quietly come up and want the first she wanted and happily take it. Sometimes I think how happy we could be if she would just go with her original want first and not change her mind and then eventually come back to it. This also goes on with many other things, toys, movies, etc. People say it is just a phase but really I think she works for the local beverage store.

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