Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Girl Shoes

The Girl needed some new shoes. While we were at Target trying to get appropriate size pajamas for the Boy we went to find some shoes. She of course picked out the sparkleist shoes she could see which are great if she was going to a ball or something but she needed something for everyday wear. First we took a shoe off and tried the size chart to see about what size we should buy, then we started looking at shoes to find ones she liked and that would fit. She picked a pretty good pair so we went to try them on and she was very cooperative as she is a girl and they are new shoes. They fit well and she was very excited so I took them off to put them int he cart and tried to put her old shoe back on. This was not in her plans. She grabbed her shoe and threw it as she wanted to wear her new shoes. I tried to explain we needed to pay for them but she was not happy so she wore one shoe and one sock on the way to the register. I was not the only one she got mad at, she was mad at the cashier - how dare that lady put her new shoes in the bag. So as soon as we were done paying she got to put on her new shoes and I as I called my AGW to tell her of this fine trip to Target she informed me last time she let the Girl wear the shoes and had to promptly stand her on the scanner so the shoes could get paid for. So now I wonder if I should call her a princess or a diva?

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