Sunday, December 26, 2010

Buying Presents

The Boy had a Santa's Workshop Day at school where they could buy presents for family and friends. I sent in a list with who to buy, how much to spend on each and money. The list contained Daddy $5, AGW $5, and the Girl $3. Being a kindergartener they had help from some fourth graders while shopping. Daddy got a Michigan Ornament. The Girl got a Michigan key chain, a six year old and a fourth grader must have a hard time on trying to buy a gift for a 2 year old at a craft type sale. My AGW got an ornament that said "#1 Mom", probably the best of the three.

The story gets much better from here. The day of Santa's Workshop he told me when I picked him up from school that he had saved some money and bought something for himself. I thought that was pretty good and couldn't wait to see our gifts but really wanted to see what he bought for himself. So with his $13 that he was given for the sale he purchased all the above and later I found out he spent $6 on himself. The Boy didn't get just any gift for himself he got a piece of Coprolite! So we each got a nice present from the Boy and he spent $6 on dinosaur poop.

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