Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Last Day of the Little Sanity I Still Have

The last day of school for the Boy is today and I write with what little sanity I have with just the Girl at home. My kids are great and I love them very much but trying to balance out the entertainment of the perpetual motion 6 year old with demanding two year old is a constant challenge. I always hear of stories of kids that fall asleep eating, watching a movie, playing with toys, or even on the potty, but that is not my kids style. The only reason my kids go to bed is because I make them. I believe the Boy could power my house if I could keep him on the hamster wheel long enough and the Girl would be right there waiting her turn as she wants to be just like her big brother. The girl does eventually tire but getting her to bed sometimes is a challenge, whereas the Boy will fight to the end to stay up. So tomorrow morning get the coffee on and the placek ready as I will need all I can have to maintain a sound mind before Christmas with all the excitement.

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