Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sleeping Sideways

The Girl for some time now has slept sideways. She refuses to lay in her crib with the length of her body along the length of her crib. She will turn and sleep sideways so her feet and legs stick out the side. We have tried a few things and want to start moving her into a bed but to no avail she is still sideways. Whenever we lay her down she immediately scoots her body around so she is scrunched in the length of her crib. We moved her crib 90 degrees to try to see if that worked but she just freaked out and cried at us. Once she was have a nightmare and my AGW brought her into bed but she didn't sleep, she insisted on laying sideways and practicing her kick boxing on my head. My AGW even introduced a pillow and told her she can sleep like the Boy (she always wants to belike her big brother), she liked that but as soon as we left the room she would turn sideways. Last night I went up to say goodnight as I got home right after she went to bed and when I walked in she was sideways but had a look on her face like "Oh Shit!" She just got caught and didn't move an inch or even want up as she usually does when someone goes in there. So I guess we will get her a square bed and then she won't know which way to lay.

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