Friday, December 10, 2010

Shall We Dance?

Sometimes it is the little things that make it all better. Let me start on yesterday. The fun began as the Girl got up from her nap in a bad mood which I made worse by having to change her diaper, put on shoes and sock to go pick up the Boy from school. Once I got the diaper off she didn't want a new one on, and she certainly didn't want to wear pants. It was a good fight to get pants on and keep them on her. Then as I was struggling getting hit, kicked and scratched I had to get the socks and shoes on. I would have skipped this but it is cold out and we don't need those little piggies getting cold. After a good fight I finally got the socks and shoes on and I am ready to throw in the towel, but next is the jacket and it has already been about 12 minutes. The girl has the ability to put her arms straight up and become super slippery and slide right out of most holds so the jacket was a challenge as well. Another 3 or 4 minutes and finally got the jacket on and next is getting her strapped int he car seat, not as difficult as expected as I believe she used up all her energy fighting the pants and shoes. Granted now she was ticked off and wouldn't look at me or talk to me which was alright a bit of quiet time. We pick up the boy and head to Walmart to pick up a filter for a cool mist humidifier and realize when I get there that my wallet is sitting as home so we go back home. Besides some minor bumps int he road everything is going alright until my AGW gets home and I need to g o back to Walmart this time with my wallet only to arrive and find that are out of the filter I need. I was very close to clearing off that shelf in frustration. Get home and final eat some dinner and have an adult kool-aid.

Finally the next day, this certainly has to go better. First off the Girl decides to wake at 6 am, a little early. Then I find out school for the Boy is delayed 2 hours. If you know the Boy you know why this is not a good thing - lots of energy. So we work on his letter book and are on the letter 'F' - the vocabulary in my head was certainly not kindergarten appropriate at this point. He did a great job and got it done. Then the Girl gets her princess dress on, brings a toy that plays music, holds out her hands and says "Dance?" Made it all just wash away.

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