Sunday, December 5, 2010

Santa's Cameras

As the Boy gets older he gets a little more inquisitive along the way. We always talk about how Santa is always watching. Lately he has been talking about Santa using cameras all around to watch him. When he sees Christmas decorations, especially Santa Claus ones, he wants to know what each of them is made of so he can try to debunk the whole Santa camera theory. The other day he saw a large Santa outside of a building and asked if it was made of concrete, as I answered yes because I didn't see it he told me there were no cameras in it because you can't put cameras in concrete. There is also a big blow up Santa around our area (apprx. 20-30 feet tall) and he also says there are not any cameras there as they would blow away. I don't know if he is trying to disprove Santa or he is just being very vigilant so he is on the "Nice" list. I have been thinking of make some little tubes with lenses and putting some kind of Santa designation on them so he may find one and see that Santa is watching.

He has also been talking about a the "Elf on the Shelf," we do not have one but a girl in his class has been telling him about it. So that may have to come in to play as well. This is fun as last night my AGW and I watched "Christmas Story."

And recently he has had a few hockey games, so much so that he has got a blister on his foot. Here is a picture of him clearing the puck.

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