Friday, December 3, 2010

She is Cute Sometimes Too

Sometimes the Girl is cute and not throwing a tantrum (which seems rare at times). Today she wanted to go to school just like her big brother. So in getting ready she got a bag and put her princesses in it and was absolutely serious in taking it along. I had to go into the school today as I had to take something into the office so we walked the Boy to his room. We went in his room and she proceeded to pick out a locker and hang up her bag and was probably taking her coat off if I had not stopped her. Maybe I should have left her there and waited for the phone call if anyone would have noticed.

On another note the Girl has this nice toddler power walk. She was playing with my AGW and she then had to go get something. She kept her arms in a bent position and had this power walk into the other room. Hopefully she only uses this for good and not tantrums.

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