Monday, November 1, 2010

Day Out With Daddy!

Sometimes people are a little ignorant and don't realize that some Daddy's take care of their children too and not just babysit their own kids. This is something that has bugged me for the 6+ years I have been a stay at home Dad. Today at Target, buying princess costumes at 50% off for Christmas gifts for the Girl as she loves princesses and the day after Halloween, virtually the same dresses marketed as costumes and not play clothes are 50% off. So in Target she is a little miffed as she wants to go down the princess isle, well she realizes what is going on once she sees the stuff Daddy is grabbing but for some female reason or another she is pissed off. So she is shoving the cart and screaming at me while I am trying to talk her Mommy. Then an older lady has her cart and is standing there watching this all go down, she has plenty of room to go by us but decides to wait until I am off the phone (by the way was probably a 30 second conversation with tantrum developing). So now I am trying to make sure the Girl doesn't hurt herself and she is flailing around, close call on the shelf and the floor and the cart but I succeed in getting her into tantrum laying on the floor position. The old lady spectator then starts to tell me a little about parenting, I pretty much ignore what she is saying and say, "She is just having a tantrum." The lady decides to continue teaching me when I tell her to "Mind your own business," which prompts her to walk away. I really had some other phrasing in my head but in trying to teach my children to be good people I decided to keep it too myself. I picked the Girl up and she was perfectly fine and even gave me a "Sorry Daddy!"

I know I don't know it all, but I have been parenting for a little over 6 years now so I feel comfortable in letting my 2 year old princess have her tantrum in the middle of Target. I realizing it is annoying to other shoppers but so is hogging the whole isle, stepping in front of me to grab something without an "excuse me," chatting with the cashier when you are done paying and holding up the line, or not being able to find the $100 bill in your wallet to pay for something that is about $21 and it seems that you have more bills in there than you know what to do with (actually was the lady in front of me today).

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