Monday, November 22, 2010

The Tantrum Queen

The Princess has become a Queen, a Tantrum Queen. Why are the twos so terrible? I often wonder this allowed as today was a tantrum filled day. The Girl had a tantrum in the morning as the Boy was trying to brush his teeth before school. She then threw a tantrum as I brought her back downstairs, it was such a tantrum she was screaming to go to bed. Laid her down all was quiet for about 5 minutes when she wanted to get up. Then she threw a tantrum before taking my son to school as she wanted to watch Curious George. All of this before 7:30 am. After dropping him off at school, back home we got stuff ready to go to the grocery store which she initially likes as they have cars attached to the front of the carts, which is really nice because I can strap her in and we have a nice little buffer. After about 5 seconds in the car she wanted out by saying, "Done... Done... DONE!" and we were into another tantrum. She calmed quickly as I let her hold a box of Zip-lock bags. All seemed better and she seemed happy so when we got home I gave her a little treat, then she threw a tantrum because I only gave her one treat and she wanted another treat. I offered Cheez-Its (a staple in our house) and made it worse. After a few minutes of her wailing I went back and she wanted me to hold her and she quietly asked for Cheez-Its. Soon it was time for lunch, I bet you can't guess what happened next - Tantrum. She didn't want lunch so I made my lunch and found out she didn't want lunch she wanted my lunch which was a very non-exciting Lean Cuisine Pizza. Then finally nap time, 11:30 am couldn't have come any quicker. The rest of the day has been better but I know she is planning a sneak attack tantrum.

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