Wednesday, October 20, 2010

As the Kindergarten Turns

A while back a friend of mine that is a lunchroom and playground supervisor at the Boy's school told me he was being teased by the other boys about having a girlfriend. She was trying to tell him not to worry about it, but then he told her, "I really do have a girlfriend." She told me this story and my Absolutely Gorgeous Wife (AGW) and I asked him about it and deducted from our conversation that he just plays with this one girl a lot. Well today as I am waiting in the carpool line to pick him up I notice a girl blow him a kiss. When the Boy got into the car I didn't even get to ask him about it as he started up about it right away:

Boy: I have a new crush!
Me: A new crush?
Boy: Yeah, Girl is not my crush anymore. I have a new crush. She just got back and has a crush on me. I didn't break up with Girl because breakups are sad, so I just gave up.
Me: Gave up? Were you mean to Girl?
Boy: No! I used to play with her a lot and now I don't play with her as much, so I gave up.
Me: Was Girl upset?
Boy: No, but now Other Girl just got back and has a crush on me.

I will give the Boy credit though, he didn't want to be mean or make anyone sad and the give up method of getting rid of a girl that may be a new one as far as I know. I really need to know what goes on in Kindergarten as all I remember was the letter hunt once a week, taking naps, coloring and hanging on to my Mom's leg crying and screaming as I didn't want to go. I sure hope there isn't a Kindergarten Prom or else we may have to consider a new school.

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