Monday, October 4, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy!

What a weekend! Saturday morning the Boy had a cross country race (1/2 mile), he did fantastic and actually raced more as opposed to his usually run while looking at all the people. He placed 50th out of 159 kids. Sunday morning hockey the Boy had his first hockey practice of the season, he will be a mini-mite this year, so we started two days in row with a an early morning. He did much better than I thought he would do at hockey considering he hasn't skated since May. Then I spent the rest of Sunday tearing apart the Sunroom painting it and trying to put it all back together so I can tear it apart next weekend so the new carpet can be installed. Just to be sure I don't have too much other stuff going on we have our last Cross Country Meet this Saturday, The Boy's birthday on Friday as well. In addition to that the following weekend we have the Boy's friend party for his birthday and I have to tear out carpet in the living room and stairs for that carpet to be installed. We just like to try to do everything all at once.

The Boy will soon look like a real hockey player as his front teeth are now loose. Of course when I wiggled one I got a little queasy. Thankfully he is not like me in that aspect as he pulled the last one out by himself. This from the boy that screams as loud as he can when his sister touches him.

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