Friday, October 15, 2010

Can't Wait

I can't wait until some of the craziness goes away. I know it probably won't happen for another 6 or 8 years but I can't wait. Last weekend was spent celebrating my son's birthday, having a cross country meet and ripping out carpet, padding and all those darn staples in half of the house. This weekend involves my son's birthday party with his friends and ripping out the other half of the carpet as well. In between I decided I wanted a anew computer desk and of course all the options that I loved were way expensive. I used a reliable favorite store, IKEA. I found a few options and one that fit int he budget so on Thursday morning I drove up got the stuff I wanted and drove back, all with my lovely 2 year old daughter. Throw in lunch and all together about 3 hrs. and 15 minutes. After getting her down for her nap I started putting the stuff together all to realize that one of the desk tops had a smashed corner. If spoken air could change colors, the air in the house was definitely a little blue. So after my wonderful wife gets home and we put our daughter to bed I get back in the car to spend another 2 1/2 hours driving back to IKEA, exchanging the top and driving home. Time I would have rather spent trying to get stuff put away from the first carpet replacement. Then I am baking away to make cupcakes for my son's birthday party and my daughter wants nothing more than to make a day as difficult as possible. "I want drink." "I want chips." "Shoes off." "Shoes on." Shoes off." etc., etc. My wife often wonders how you get anything done with her around and right now so do I.

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