Monday, October 18, 2010

Those Funny Kids

As the other half of the carpet gets installed and my legs don't work the same after working on prepping for the carpet for 12 hours and spending another beautiful Sunday tearing up carpet and a million staples I bring you a couple of funny things my kids have said this weekend:

The Girl:
At church they have a Sunday School and a Tiny Tots program. As lovely as the Girl is she is not a great church baby so we put her in Tiny Tots. Fortunately the girls running the Tiny Tots program were mostly the same as last year so the Girl was very excited. She ran in and all was good, or so my Absolutely Gorgeous Wife thought. When she returned to get her apparently the Girl had cried for a half hour then took a 20 minute cat nap. the best part was as they were walking down the hallway the girl says, "Tots FUN!"

The Boy:
Our community has a fall parade. Since I was working all day on the carpet my Absolutely Gorgeous Wife (AGW) took the Boy to the parade while I listened to the Girl napping (well talking and doing everything except napping) and kept working. As they were waiting for the parade my AGW was rubbing the Boy's hair and he says, "Stop touching my hair, it took me two hours!" The kid has great hair, he can literally roll out of bed and look great no matter what it looks like.

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