Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year!

I know it is a few hours early, but wanted to wish my reader(s), I think there is more than one, a Happy New Year. This year has been interesting and they will probably only get more interesting as the years progress. It is fun to go back and reminisce over some of things that I have posted not only this year but last as well, it is hard to believe I have been blogging for two years now as it seems like just yesterday the Boy was born (even though he is five).

As an update to what has been going on here, I took the Boy to his second pro hockey game (he went to an exhibition NHL game with us when he was much younger and this time we went to an ECHL game with a skate on the ice afterwards. We had a great time and not only did we get to see 7 goals for the home team, he also got the pro hockey fight experience. He seemed to really enjoy so it looks like we will have to make another trip soon. By his request we also went to the art museum, even heard some bagpipes while we were there which I thought was neat while he was a bit unsure. I also think he is getting antsy for school to be back in session, well at least I am.

The girl is starting to communicate even better and we hear new words all the time. She still eats everything as a couple of nights ago she ate a whole enchilada and some strawberries. I love the fact she will eat anything but at the same time I am not happy about as that means there is less of the good stuff for me. I am convinced she will speak Chinese before English as she loves Ni-Hao Kai-Lan and seems to have no trouble making the sounds of the Chinese words. In reality she has probably been talking the whole time and I am the one that needs to learn a new language.

Christmas was good, the Boy really loved as the one thing he asked Santa for, Santa brought among many other nice things. The Girl was also happy with her Kai-Lan, Sid the Science kid, Wonder Pets Dolls Santa brought her, among many other great things.

Finally as a wrap up to 2009, I will be continuing to write about the kids, my frustrations, etc., but I was curious to my reader (or readers carefully assuming there is more than one) if there are any questions or things you would like to read about in the coming year. Happy New Year, 2010 promisings to bring some exciting things to blog about. Stay tuned...

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