Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Pants Dilemma

The boy has become a pants destroyer. He can literally wear or tear holes in pants in less than one day. It is very frustrating as we are trying to get him to wear jeans in hope that he won't destroy them nearly as quick, but the problem lies in the snaps on jeans and the fact that he is five years old over 46 inches tall and only about 43-45 pounds. He has a hard time with snaps and is currently practicing, although he is great at legos, so we tried to convince him that the snaps are like legos which he believes but he has a hard time snapping the jeans back up. I thought about sticking in some legos on his pants and then he would probably never take them off, instead I went shopping for jeans with a button as opposed to a snap and had a real hard time finding any. Then I found a great solution and I almost cried, there are adjustable waist size 6 slim jeans that look like a snap/button but actually have a hook like on dress pants. So this week we will try those and see what happens otherwise I think his pants will be very religious because they will be so holey.

The girl is really trying to become my favorite as I found out she likes Taco Bell and on top of that the kids meals come with Cinnamon Twists. So after her cheesy roll-up we shared in the cinnamon twists and both very happy from the experience. On a side note, the cantina tacos are good and it is one of the very few fast foods that look just like the commercial. She is learning more and more words, but the best is still her lion roar (if you see her jsut ask her "What does a Lion say?"). She is also becoming quite expressive and this little girl knows what she wants and will throw a good tantrum to get it and it almost seems that she knows my weak times when I am frustrated to no end and will give in because those tantrums are clearly on another level.

Coming soon, first haircut pictures...

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