Tuesday, January 22, 2013

2 Hr Delay

Really, on my day off we get a two hour delay.  If you have been reading over the last couple years you know what trouble a 2 hour delay causes in my house.

This morning was no different than others.  It is like those golden sleeping hours must be filled with absolute craziness while my kids beat the snot out of each other (not fighting but playing).  I mean it is like a shot of sugar at 7:00 am.  Remember the Boy gets up at 6:45 am and we are out the door at 7:11 am.

I despise 2 hour delays.  This morning my AGW was awesome as she let me sleep until both kids were up instead of getting me up right away.  If school were closed I would have been upset as it is my day off, but at least the kids would not have gone nutso.

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