Thursday, January 3, 2013

LEGO Addiction

The Boy has a LEGO addiction.  Which sometimes spills over to me as well and the girl is now in that mode too.  The Boy gets LEGOs every special occasion and then some.  There is nothing wrong with LEGOs but some days I think there needs to be LEGO Anonymous meetings.

The Boy, a friend and I recently visited a LEGO exhibit.  It was pretty cool but only disappointing the sense of how small it was.  It was architectural based and pretty cool but was hoping to se much more.  The Boy was thoroughly impressed, and was even more excited by the gift shop which was way overpriced ($16.99 for a water bottle - REALLY?!).  The free building area was a hit and could put your creations on a city map which stayed there for the day.

We are currently rebuilding the trains the Boy got a s gifts from Santa (or at least I think).  I love LEGOs and the problem is when I start I can't stop and I have to do it exactly right, no substitute pieces.  The problem is one train and all its parts is six books of instructions and when it is mixed in all the other parts sometimes it is looking for a needle in a haystack.  After two days one train and one train station is back to the original build.  Train number two is under reconstruction and it is a PITA, as there are parts that I think we only have one of so it seems to take forever to find that part.  No worries, I will be bringing the LEGOs to gym class and let the really experts (the 1st-4th graders) finish them up this week.

The Girl has LEGO Friends now, so in addition to all the boy LEGOs there are now girl LEGOs.  So far my AGW built Oliva's House, I built the Buttefly Beauty Shop and the Boy helped with Oliva's Tree House.  I will admit it is a great idea but seeing the issue of dueling over missing LEGO pieces in the future seems like a real possibility in our house.

So off to the train.  Below are a few pics from the LEGO exhibit:

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