Monday, January 21, 2013

Report Card, Prizes and Day Off

It has been busy around here lately.  School is in full gear for the third quarter while we just received the report card for the Boy.  He had a great quarter again.  Even though he doesn't admit it he likes school.

We took the kids shopping for prizes for school work at Toys R Us.  Which means more LEGOs (although the sorting bins are working out for timely cleanup thus far) and the girl got Lambee from Doc McStuffins.  It was good day and my AGW and I tried to have an afternoon of hockey on TV since the NHL wised up and got their act together.

We had a friend take our preschooler to Movie Night at school (PreK need a parent to stay) so we got to have another date night (unfortunately the next one isn't for a couple of weeks).  Saturday night we were excited for the season opener for the Red Wings but that excitement left rather quickly and the DVR was turned on to get caught on some shows.

Sunday we took the kids over to my parents house which was good for all.  We got out for a couple of hours and the kids got to play with Busia and Dziadzia, always a treat in anyones book.  Went home made some French Onion soup and watched our Sunday night TV shows.

Monday, the day off, I took the kids to the dentist which went remarkably well. Since they were good my AGW said to give them a prize.  All we had were a Hello Kitty and MarioKart notebook, which they loved.  The Boy who won't admit to liking school, thought it was awesome and even had a "Thank You" for it being a school supply.   Then we went to the store to get food because we eat lots of it.  Then after getting lunch at home I have since made my chocolate chip cookies, making mojo chicken and cleaning the oven (which means in this arctic type weather I have a couple of windows open).

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