Sunday, January 13, 2013

Date Night

In an effort to have some more time together and Adult time the AGW and I are working on getting out a bit more.  We have both become food snobs of sort to no fault of mine for cooking better and better food. This also means a babysitter for the kids which the Boy loves but the Girl needs to sold on.

Last night the Girl was upset at first but was ok with it after a few minutes.  My AGW told her earlier as we often wait until the last second to tell them anything because they bug the heck out of us waiting. It worked out well as by the time we left she was in good spirits.

So after trying to decide somewhere new to go we ended up a very good local eatery.  We had inquired to the Facebook world which gave a few suggestions but it was to no avail.  The night definitely got more exciting as we decided to go hear some music at one of the many local establishments that have music on the weekend.  We tried some Jazzy type music this time which was great.

The best part as it turns out is we crashed a birthday party.  Got some drinks and listened to a very good band and enjoyed a few birthday festivities.  Even got to sing along to "Happy Birthday"!

We were looking for adventure, then decided to go low key.  We ended up stumbling into a small adventure and had a great time.

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