Saturday, February 2, 2013

More Delays

This wasn't an awful week, just busy and a little crazy.  A couple of delays for school which as you may know in our house are not the greatest things especially on my day off.  In that case I don't get to do as much and have to make sure to get other things done.  It is just under the level of running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

There are plans to start hitting the Y on my day off but thus far we have had delays on those days.  Maybe I will just start getting heavier items at the grocery store and not using a cart.

The kids have been doing well even though it has been indoor recess at school.  These kids need to get outdoors, there is something about fresh air that helps them get some energy out and relax a bit.

The Girl is in a cheerleading program at school.  She loves it and does quite well and got to cheer at her first pep rally in front of the whole student body.  She did great and was very excited.

The Boy has been wishing for more snow so we can do some more sledding.  Granted the last time I think I was up and down the hill more than the kids.  There is nothing like flying uncontrollable down a hill towards a creek or a bunch of trees.

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