Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Report Card

The Boy recently brought home his second quarter report card.  My AGW and I were very happy.  He is doing a fine job.  There has been one issue which has been noted a few times now with his conduct. The comment used is "Self Control".  I have a hard time with this as he is a 7 year old boy who skipped the 1st grade and is very friendly and social.

I believe the biggest issue is he likes to talk, or as a teacher I was talking to said "He is a Chatty Charlie!"  I laughed a little but it is true.  I try hard not to worry about it too much as he is kicking some 2nd grade butt in the classroom but I feel like the bad parent because I see the comment every time there is a report card or interim report thus far (4 so far this school year).  We talk about it and do our very best to work on it but he just keeps going on.  There is even a nice big prize if he gets five perfect conduct days in a row (getting a stamp without having to write his name down or put any checks by it each day).

Then after being a little non-nonchalant about it he got a discipline report for talking excessive even after multiple warnings.  I really don't think he cared until my AGW and I laid down the punishment.  Hopefully he has a better understanding of consequences when you don't follow the rules.

The Girl is talking more and more and has since started 5 day preschool.  This is a wonderful thing as Tuesday and Thursday now I have a few hours to myself.  The first day it was strange not having her around but it only took about 1 minute and 17 seconds to start to enjoy the quiet time I was going to have.  She loves school and loves the extended day program on the days when I am teaching.  She is quite the pistol though as she is very strong willed and unless it is her idea forget about it.  I really believe her goal before she turns 5 is to see if she can make my head explode.

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