Friday, January 13, 2012

Snow Days

Considering Monday is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day I was hoping for a snow day today as it would have made for a nice long weekend and a break from a little of the craziness.  Being a teacher has brought a new light to snow days from the strictly stay at home Dad days.  Then I hated snow days as it ruined my quiet time, plus it meant it was hard to go anywhere because the roads were bad enough to close school so it probably meant I shouldn't be driving the kids around.  Now I was hoping for one.

The day at school was good but I was still thinking of the snow day.  I had one thought, I would still have to be home with the kids (I love them dearly but not when we are stuck in the house).  Next came the question, "Would it be better to have the day off and be home with my kids beating the snot out of each other while I drown the noise in martinis or to be a school with the kids at school playing floor hockey?"

The answer becomes more clear as I sit here typing this watching my kids play and not listen when play gets a little out of hand.  Until they are a little older I think this question will be debated in my head and officially answered when I have a snow day before or after a weekend and run out of gin or vodka to make my martinis.

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