Monday, January 30, 2012


The kids are playing opposites quite often these days.  Saturday was Movie Night at home and the kids could not agree on any movie - the Boy would say yes to a movie and that would immediately elicit a "NO" response from the Girl and vice-versa.

Finally after a back and forth we were going to each pick a movie put it into a hat and draw one, although I think the process would have been lost on the Girl but it was something.  I then picked Despicable Me and suddenly there was agreement.  Granted I think that option was given with a positive and negative reaction which leads to me to the theory that the kids were either trying to make our heads explode or remind us why our two wonderful children were enough.

In other news around the house, the Boy is playing basketball.  He is having fun and plays good defense but doesn't realize he needs to get closer to the basket as he doesn't quite have the strength for the three pointers yet.  The Girl is very much into playing Mom or Teacher these days, I think it is mostly as she wants to be in charge - ahh, who am I kidding she is in charge.  My AGW and I are trying to paint and redecorate our bedroom which will be great, it is just the fact that I know doubly hate wall paper, both putting it up and taking it down.  There is a border that I put up and being like my Father I was going to be sure it stayed up there and now I am cussing it out trying to get it down.  

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