Monday, January 23, 2012

26 Jump Ropes

For some of my classes in PE at the school I teach you would have figured I would have been injured some other way.  We have golfed, played frisbee football, floor hockey, basketball, volleyball (even a student faculty game), scooter boats, etc.  We are doing jump roping for Jump for the Heart and the American Heart Association.  All day we have had music (disco if you are wondering) and different jump rope activities.  Besides being dizzy from one two many games of helicopter with the younger grades the day was going remarkably well until the class of 26 kids.  26 kids in a gym with jump ropes is a dangerous thing, not so much for the kids but for the teacher.

I love all the kids and this class is a great group of kids.  They all want to show me all the time how good they are at everything we try.  One thing they had trouble with today with their teacher (me) was spatial awareness.  They were all very proud and wanted to show me how good they were getting at jump roping.  One sweet little boy starting saying "Hey Coach, watch me!" and as I turned my head - WACK! right on the top.  After all we have done and tried in gym class I am surprised it has taken this long to have something happen.

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