Monday, August 9, 2010

Why do we want them to talk?

I swear I have had this thought once before about 3-4 years ago. I can't figure out why we want our kids to talk. Granted with the Boy who will be 6 soon it is alright, but the initially part of them talking is driving me crazy. The Girl is discovering that she can literally send me in convulsions by saying "Daddy!" over and over again. It is nice when she actually is communicating something but other than that sometimes I feel she is a broken record. "Daddy look! Daddy Look! Daddy Look! Daddy Look! Daddy Watch! Daddy Watch! C'mon Daddy! C'mon Daddy! Daddy C'mon! Daddy look! Daddy etc.!" Sometimes it just goes on and on, then the boy decides in the middle of this that he has something important to say and gets mad when she won't stop. I have decided that I need a much longer version of the name "Daddy", and that will help the problem as it will be just too much to say over and over again, something like "Dadisasupercoolguywholoveshischildreneventhoughtheydrivehimcrazy". If they had to say that every time I think the house would be a bit quieter.

I think one of my favorite words my daughter says right now is "frog." Reasoning why is that she doesn't say frog it sounds more like another word that as Ralphie says is "the queen mother, F - - -." (He actually says Dash.)It makes me laugh so it is not all bad except for that word.

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