Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What is Wrong with Williams Sonoma

I like to cook. Not just grill, but actually cook, bake and grill. I think part of it is the challenge of making things and the rest is that I really like to eat. One of my favorite stores is Williams Sonoma, the staff has literally watched my children grow up as I keep them in business. They love my kids, they always give them treats and like to see them as I get complaints when I don't come in for a while - they probably need a a new flat screen or something and need to show me the latest expensive gadget. The Girl, who loves to eat just like Daddy, does not like Williams Sonoma. I can't figure out why as it is a place they give treats, where Daddy can buy new and exciting things to make yummy food with, and they are very friendly. We get in there and she just keeps saying, "C'mon!", "Daddy go!", and pulling on my hand "DAAAAAAADDYYYYYYYY!" I am guessing her mother is paying her to keep me out of there as Mommy and the Girl really like shoes.

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