Sunday, August 29, 2010

Back to School

Ah, what a refreshing change of pace. The Boy started Kindergarten this week. Even though the Girl asks where he is all the time, it is a refreshing change to only have to wrangle one kid to go do things as opposed to two. So far K is going well and we are starting to get into a morning routine. I only hope this continues and gets easier as all day K and then cross country practice make for a long day three days a week. One day this week the Boy even walked in by himself, it was a very surreal moment watching the little man walk up to the school and into the doors as it seems just a short while ago I was taking him in daily for pre-school three years ago. Now the Girl and I get some quiet play time playing princesses and bracelets, and think only a year from now Daddy may get a little time to himself.

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