Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Sir do you realize these are girls pants?"

The Boy starts kindergarten soon and they wear uniforms. Fortunately you can buy them anywhere as long as there in the uniform style, right colors, etc. Well we went to a few stores to see their sales and if they had appropriate clothes. Everything was going alright and found some options at Kohls, then went onto our second store which had some great prices. We found most of the short sleeve shirts we were looking for, and the perfect pants for the Boy. You must understand the Boy doesn't like snaps, will do buttons and hook & eye type pants but absolutely no snaps. I found what were perfect khakis, we even tried them on and they had the awesome hook and eye closure. grab all the ones in his size and proceeded to check out. I asked if they had any more besides what was on the rack, the fine gentleman at the counter went to go check. After a minute or two he came back and says, "Sir do you realize these are girls pants?" At least it wasn't crowded and I only had to feel stupid in front of him and probably the rest of the store he radioed to make fun of me. Well after getting the heck out of there, we went to one other place to check things out before deciding we needed lunch. There was a nice new Sonic and my stomach drove the car right there. What I really need to know is if Sonic is eligible spending for my Health Savings Account (HSA)? I accidentally handed the clerk my HSA credit card, although I did catch my error right before he ran the card through the machine. At least I gave two places of business a pretty good laugh today.

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