Thursday, July 8, 2010

The First Gun

Well after almost six years the Boy got his first gun today, or should I said water toy. For the most part we have been staying away from weaponry, mostly for my wife's and my safety, but I broke down today and bought him a squirt gun which I am trying to call a "water toy." Granted in preschool the boys would always try to create weapons out of toys and he has played with stuff at other kids houses. He has also seen stuff on TV but we always avoided toys in our house, well this is outside so I guess it is not in our house technically. I do realize he is a boy, 5 years old, and most boys his age are into that stuff so it is expected, I just have to be ready for any ensuing water fights at this point. I don't know if he realizes the powerful "water toy" I have in the garage that was left behind by the previous owners of our house but it is a nice strong stream that works on pressure you build up in the toy so with one little squirt from his "Micro x-220" he will get a blast that will probably get him cleaner than a bath.

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