Sunday, July 18, 2010

"Why is the floor wet?"

A couple of stories from the past week:

The Boy attended Vacation Bible School (VBS) this week. He enjoys these week long things very much. Well the first two days one of the kids in his group was hitting him, I knew it was a problem after the second day when he actually said something about it, he usually lets the little things go. I asked him if he did anything to the other boy, he said "No." So the next day I told him I would say something about the problem and if I found out he did something I would be upset and he reassured me that he did nothing. When I said something to his group leaders, they responded "Yeah, the other boy has been talked to a lot." In my mind I am thinking, please do more than talk as my son should not be getting hit in Vacation Bible School. At the end of the week my wife asked him if he had any new friends, he answered with the name of the boy that was hitting him. Oh to be 5 again.

The other day I was using the bathroom, the kids were horsing around all around especially when I am not in the room. I come out and the Girl is running around and here is exactly what was said:

Me: Girl, where are your pants?

Me: Girl, Where is your DIAPER?!


So I wrangle the girl get her diaper and pants on, and proceed to ask the Boy:

Me: Why didn't you tell me she took her diaper off?
Boy: I forgot.
Me: How could you forget?
Me: (Thinking - Maybe next time she will pee on you and then you will tell me)

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