Monday, July 12, 2010

In the Closet without Pants

The Girl is turning into quite a character. Within her new area of freedom in the house there is a coat/shoe closet. She loves this closet and can open the door from outside or in, plus it has her shoes which for a girl are the best thing ever. Today she decided that no matter how many times I try to put her pants on, she just is going to take them off. She leaves the diaper alone, just no pants. As she is playing with the door of the closet (which may become her room if she is not careful) she closes herself in, which usually means someone has to let her out. The first time I let her out and reminded her that I wasn't going to open the door again if she went back in. Ignoring my advice she goes back in and closes the door. Well she starts knocking and calling for me, I remind her that I am not opening the door and "VOILA!" she opens the door. She spent the morning going in and out of the closet while refusing to wear pants/shorts. The lure to get her out of the closet was to offer her mashed potatoes, she very much takes after someone else I love.

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