Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What I Know About Girls

I am learning something new everyday as raising a girl is much different than raising a boy. I am a boy so raising the Boy was not to difficult as I have the same parts and felt like I had a good idea of what boys think. The Girl, on the other hand, has a whole different set of rules which I am learning on daily if not hourly basis.

This morning after getting up at 5:30 am, I rocked her hoping to get her back to sleep to no avail. When done rocking she just smiled at me so we went downstairs and got some Cheerios and juice and all was good. When my wife got out of the shower and come down to see her, she wanted her to go somewhere with her, which my wife did, and then decided to throw this random temper tantrum for no reason at all. After trying to console her we let her have it out on the floor, where after a bit she came to me and said "Night-night." I took her upstairs and she started saying "NO!" to me so we came back down and I had to hold her for a bit before she finally wanted her juice and Cheerios again. Soon it was breakfast time and she decided she wanted the leftover garlic mashed potatoes, at this point I wasn't arguing and just gave her what she wants. This all proves I still know very little if anything about girls and it is easier to give them mashed potatoes for breakfast than to be screamed at about it.

The other day she wanted her shoes. I proceeded to get her sandals (which she calls shoes) out of the closet and hand them to her, she got very mad pushed them out of the way and screamed "SHOES!" So she went in and got her white patent leather type shoes and proceeded to stomp all over my toes during the day. One time she stood on my toes on purpose with a smile to seem me react, I faked cry (at least that is what I told my wife) to get her to stop. She said "Sorry Daddy," but somehow I don't think that is the last time it will happen. At least now I know one thing when it comes to girls and shoes just get the heck out of the way.

The other thing she likes is the debit/credit card readers at the store. She likes to point them out and hand me the little pen for them. I think she is just practicing for later in life for me to buy her prom dress, shoes and new purse/clutch/handbag or whatever else accessory is needed for that one time use.

So I guess I know a little bit about girls - they like shoes, so don't get between them and the shoes; they expect me to pay for stuff and buy them nice things; and when a tantrum hits just start making some garlic mashed potatoes.

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