Sunday, June 20, 2010

Order Yours Today, Call Now!

The Boy wants everything he sees on those short TV ads, where everything is $14.95 plus shipping & handling, must be 18 to call. He gets a little upset he is not 18 yet so he can't order all those things he sees on TV. If could order it I can just see my house filled with "Floam".

Today at dinner, we are all eating together and he is talking about having a million dollars. I ask him him to share with us and he tells us "No." Here is the follow-up conversation to that:

Me: You won't share with us?
Boy: No.
Me: Well how are you going tobuy anything you need to be 18 years old?
Me: If you share with me, I'll help.
Boy: I'll just go online!

I almost spit out the delicious peanut butter cream pie my wife got me for Father's Day. He is one clever boy.

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