Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Reclaim What is Ours!

In an effort to reclaim some space in our house we are reworking other parts of our house. Since the Boy has taken over the sunroom, the den, and part of the basement, we decided that we are giving up more of my man cave in an effort to reclaim the sunroom and den. Sure this sounds easy, although there are many steps including convincing a 5 year old that we want his crap moved and all in one place. So this is the third location for my bar, along with moving the pendant lights and moving other lights to accommodate the change which of course takes time as I need to be sure the bar still serves its purpose of a good place to have a beverage. It will certainly be nice to reclaim some adult space in our house even though the Girl I am sure will take over more space so in the end it probably is just a losing cause.

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