Friday, June 4, 2010

New Family Fun and Free Activity

Hadn't realized it had been two weeks since my lost blog entry, so I guess I have some catching up to do. The Boy completed his first hockey season, not too bad for the first time and still learning t he game and it didn't help much that all the other teams had a few seven year olds on them. Overall it was a good experience. He also finished preschool, as you can see this was exciting for him as well as his little sister:
We attended a local Memorial Day Parade with some friends and had a good lunch as well, probably way more food than four people and three kids should eat but it was all very yummy.

Earlier this week both kids had their first dentist appointment, I realize for him it should have happened sooner but he used to be very sensitive to doctor's appointments and haircuts so I don't know anyone that wanted to even attempt to invade his mouth. Both kids did a fabulous job, the Girl even sat in a chair all by herself, not one tear or upset child - let's just say I was stunned.

Then this morning we started our new activity, geocaching (to find out what it is go to Lucky for us my parents had a handheld GPS unit for us to use as I wanted to try this out so it is something we can do that is free and has some excitement to it. We found our first cache at a local park, put an entry in the log book and returned the cache to its hiding place. I believe we all had fun and who doesn't like a treasure hunt? In addition, we can do this where ever we go as there are caches everywhere. Matter of fact there are some hidden less than one mile from our house. Hopefully this will be a fun activity we can continue to do for a long time.

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